Published On: Tue, Jan 31st, 2017

The First Impression That Will Create A Winning Business

They say you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression. With personal relationships, missing those seven seconds is a shame. In business, it costs you money. The problem is that, in business, you don’t always have control over how that first impression is made. It’s not always going to be a case where first contact is through your carefully planned advertisement. So, you need to look at how you maintain a great first impression across the board.

The First Impression That Will Create A Winning Business

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Establish a brand image

Before your business makes first contact, you have to decide what it’s going to say. A lot of that is going to be done in the branding of the business. From the voice to the visual style, you need to create a brand personality that is both recognizable and consistent. Otherwise, your consumers are going to have a hard time telling what your business is about in those first seven seconds.

Curb appeal

If your business has any kind of physical premises, whether it’s a storefront or just an office, you need to understand the importance of curb appeal. Your business needs to be visible and welcoming. This means using the right lighting fixtures and modern signage to help it stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you’re in retail, it also means visual marketing of some of your most attractive goods front and center in window displays. A business premises that looks shabby on the outside is going to create the impression of a business that is shabby.

Set some standards

That goes double for the standards involving the people and the environment inside the premises. Even if you prefer a more casual look for your offices and employees, make sure they’re following some basic rules about remaining presentable. Keep your environment up to snuff with a reputable company to keep it in good condition. Ensure employees are least dressed and groomed well enough to be sociable if you’re not establishing rules for formal business wear.

Don’t let your web presence let you down

Of course, you can’t assume that first contact will be made in the flesh nowadays. It’s increasingly common it’s done online instead. Create a website that has a few cores in its design. The first core is simplicity, ensuring that people don’t get lost looking for the information they need. The second is forthrightness, declaring the brand mission and the offer of the business upfront.

Always think value

The offer of the business should lead in every single first engagement with a person. It boils down to one thing. What unique value does your business to offer the consumer? If it can’t position itself aside from your competitors, then you’re simply more likely to be ignored. Even if you’re in close competition with your rivals, you need just that extra bit of niche appeal to help you really stand out.

A great first impression leads to a better chance of developing a deeper relationship with customers. Of course, it isn’t the end. Make sure your business keeps delivering what it promises and you’re well on your way to success.