Published On: Thu, Jul 27th, 2017

Design Your Office To Improve Employee Communication

There have been some seismic shifts in the way in which we work over the last two decades. The advent of remote working brought with it endless possibilities for flexibility and collaboration from all four corners of the world. Colleagues no longer had to be in the same room to collaborate and communicate.

Within this changing climate of office design, the importance of communication within the office environment has been somewhat forgotten. Collaboration and communication are the two factors that will give your business the edge on your competitors so it is vital that you get it right.

A move to a new office is a good time to address these issues. When you engage a firm of commercial movers they will have the experience and resources to produce a stress-free moving experience. They will take care of the logistics whilst you apply your creative flare to setting up your new office space to maximize communication amongst employees. Here are some top tips on how to do just that.

Choose a design that complements your business culture

The design of your office is an extension of your business culture and it must reflect what you as a business are all about. Nearly all businesses will require excellent employee communication because it is recognized that it results in increased productivity, collaboration, satisfaction, and retention. However, it must match the nature of your business. A design that would suit a firm of graphic designers would not be appropriate for a physiotherapy practice.

Think about the ethos of your brand. Is it sleek and sophisticated, hip and trendy or loud and in your face? Then design your office space accordingly.

Build in some flexibility

There are countless options for collaborative working including meeting spaces, booths, coffee rooms and hot desking. There is no one size that will fit all. Your business is unique and you will need a unique answer to your communication issues.

Perhaps the best overall approach would be to provide a range of different working zones. You could have some inspiration zones for brainstorming sessions and thinking outside of the box. You also need meeting pods where small teams can get together to collaborate on a particular project. Quiet booths are ideal for interviews and sensitive conversations that need to be conducted in private. Then you will need at least one lounge area for informal get togethers. Every office needs a formal meeting room where you can meet with representatives from other organizations and impress them!


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Setting up an office can be very expensive. But designing your office on a budget is possible if you will explore some options online. An office furnished with a little cheap office furniture, cabinets and glasses for cubicles can be just as functional and interesting for effective communication as high class expensive interiors. For these, you may rely on VoucherBin for finding various voucher codes to utilize on your office decor and still can save a lot.

Make nature part of your design

Every office will benefit from a lot of natural light and ventilation but nature can bring a lot more than that. Introduce some real plants and greenery and they will instantly change the feel of the office space. They also improve the air quality by releasing oxygen and this makes workers feel more inspired and engaged. This makes them more likely to communicate and collaborate.

If you are feeling really bold, and you have the room, you could introduce an outdoor working space which is packed full of plants and protected from the elements.