Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2018

Common Hazards To Watch Out For In Your Warehouse



On the face of it, warehouses are safe places to work. With the right management and organization, there are few safety risks that employees will have to worry about. If you keep up with their best-practices training, they will also be able to spot and solve any hazards that do potentially pop up in their workplace. However, there are some hazards that sometimes slip through the cracks and can go undetected, even in the best managed warehouse out there. It’s important that your employees are made extra aware of these so that they don’t end up causing themselves an injury.


Here are some of the most common hazards in warehouses and what you can do about them.


Outdated Electrics

When you think of hazards, you might think of things like boxes on the floor that someone could easily trip up over. However, there are quite a few hidden hazards in warehouses that could be dangerous for you and your staff. Take outdated electrics, for example. If you think that the ones in your warehouse are ten-years old or more, it’s worth getting a Level 2 Service provider to check them out for you. They will be able to service them and carry out any important maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about anyone getting electrocuted.



If a liquid is spilled onto the floor of your warehouse it should be wiped up immediately. Otherwise, the floor will be very wet and slippy, and someone could easily take a tumble if they walk through the spillage. To ensure that no one wastes any time in cleaning up spillages, you should always have a mop bucket and mop on hand in the warehouse and plenty of wipes and paper towels. It’s also necessary to have some wet-floor signs so that they can be placed on the spillage if it cannot be cleaned up straight away.



Collapsed Pallet Racks

If everything in your warehouse is stored correctly, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about a collapsed pallet rack. However, if even just one single item is incorrectly stored on them, it could cause a whole pallet rack to collapse. If this occurs on a higher tier, then it could be extremely dangerous as employees will be at risk of heavy items falling onto them. So, ensure that all of your warehouse employees has been correctly trained in how to store and organize items on the pallet racks.



Only people who are qualified to drive forklift trucks should operate them in your warehouse. This will help to reduce the chance of any crashes and accidents. Not only can serious accidents and injuries occur when forklifts are driven incorrectly but it could also cause some damage to your goods and items. That can be very costly as it will affect your company’s overall profits.

So, next time you go to your warehouse, have a quick check around to make sure that these hazards aren’t putting any of your employees at risk.



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