Published On: Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

What to check before sending your daily emails

XXI century gives us a lot of possibilities to communicate with each other. And now there is no need to spend too much time for business communication. For example, phone calls allow us to hear another person and discuss some questions in real time (and really quickly!). Emails service, in turn, give us possibility not only to communicate with another person but to gather our thoughts about the subject and state them into the email message.

Also, email allows us to communicate not only with one person at a time but with the group of people. Each person in this group can see all emails and can be informed about the subject of communication. That gives us the good possibility to share useful information and discuss it together with our friends, colleagues, etc.

But not always our emails are good. If during phone call we can clarify, explain some things, email doesn’t give us such possibility. That’s why it’s very important to compose our emails accurately and carefully. For that purpose, we have selected some crucial options:

5 (five) points you should check before sending your emails:

  • Subject of your email letter: it should contain brief information about content of your letter;
  • Content: it’s the main part of your letter, and it should contain all the information you want to tell recipients of your email letter;
  • Formatting: email letters with good formatting are not only nice, but they are well readable too;
  • Punctuations marks: they make your letter much more readable; and
  • Signature – one more point, that at first sight can seem not important. But is it really not important? Let’s think together! And let’s imagine: you receive an email, you are looking into it – subject, content, etc… Looks like everything is good. But when you are looking down, you see a signature, and exactly signature give us information and size up sender of the letter. Really email signature is the face of our interlocutor! And it’s your face, if you are a sender of the email.

That’s why we should compose our signature with special attention.

What points should signature contain?

  • The main text of the signature – information about a person (sender of the letter). As usual – name and surname (additionally you may add your nickname, if you are sending email to your friends, for example). This section contains general information about person, who sends the letter;
  • Your job position, place of education, name of your organization or some else. This section gives information about sender occupations;
  • Your contact information: cell number, email, social network profile link, messenger ID, etc. This section gives information about how a sender can be contacted (email is good, but it’s not always enough for communication);
  • Your photo card, of course, it’s optional. It can give recipients of your letter much more information about you.


So, what do we need to check before sending our daily emails?

Let’s look one more time:

  • subject of the letter;
  • it’s content;
  • formatting;
  • punctuations marks; and
  • (of course!) your signature – “face” of your letter (and really your face in the recipient’s opinion).

Don’t be lazy to check your email letter before sending! You should always remember: your email is your face in the opinion of your friend, colleagues, partners, chief, etc.