Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

Can You Sense Disharmony Among Your Employees?

If you could imagine that you’re going to war every day when you wake up to go running your business, wouldn’t your mind be just that little bit sharper? On the battlefield, there is no such thing as a one-man army. Taking to the mentality of not relying on anyone else when you go into a fight every day, is going to mean almost certain failure. But whoever said that running a business was going to be easy?

All the best things in life come from sheer hard work and the ability to adapt to any scenario you are placed in. Sensing disharmony among your troops, i.e. workforce will never allow your business to proposer. It’s cancer that rots any business from within. It becomes an invisible force that makes you feel frustrated, but if you leave an incohesive team to fester among themselves, resentment turns into anger. It’s a tough world out there, and all you have is each other. Time to take a stand, lace up your boots and try these employee cohesion activities.



Make it fun

When you first call a meeting and say you want your workforce to try out some new team-oriented activities, you’ll get nervous smiles from your team, but really they’re rolling their eyes on the inside. That’s because there’s an awful but unfortunately true stigma about the team building activities businesses try. It’s always something cheesy and cliche; like close your eyes and fall backwards, and someone will catch you, and this signifies trust. Don’t be a boring Better, make it fun. Take your whole team out for a day to the Escape Room. It’s a real-world adventure game that mixes in puzzle-solving and a scary environment that causes a feeling of being trapped. The scenarios you can choose from range from a runaway train, a room in which you’ve been kidnapped, a casino heist, an air flight hostage situation and more. You have to work as a team to find clues, solve the meaning of riddles and work your way through a stage-by-stage of progression. The goal is to each take responsibility for one task and eventually when you put your minds together; you break out of the room completing the mission. You have a set time limit of one hour so get going!



Scavenger hunting

You probably played this game as a kid with your friends, and it’s still as fun as it was then. A scavenger hunt is a simple game whereby small groups or teams of two are let loose in a particular area. They have a list and a map, all they have to do is go from clue to clue and find what each clue demands such as a certain item that’s been hidden away. Each team is competing with the next, and again you’re set a time limit, so a psychological effect of urgency is placed on the teams. This gives each team very little time to argue and forces cooperation. Groups can be split up to save time and go find different clues, but this may only be allowed for certain items that have multiple parts to them.

Who says making friends and building once-burned bridges has to be awkward. Activities that are based on problem-solving and racing against the clock make employees forget all previous spats they had and focus on working together for the best outcome.