Published On: Thu, Jun 1st, 2017

What Can Your Business Do To Impress Its Remote-Based Employees?


In today’s business climate, the use of remote employees is more frequent than ever before. Whether it’s temporary contractors or permanent freelancers isn’t overly important. Either way, those staff members can accelerate the growth of your company.

Even some of the globe’s biggest organizations are utilizing those ideas to aid efficiency and productivity. While the rewards are obvious and plentiful, it’s important to remember that this is a two-way street. Therefore, you must take the necessary steps to promote increased engagement from them.

Consequently, setting the right impression is even more important for those virtual employees. Here’s what you must do to achieve that goal.  

Invest In The Company Image

 If you want the best candidates to join your organization, you must show them that it is the best option for them too. Let’s face it; you’ll be screening them carefully before offering them a role. It would be extremely naïve to think that they won’t do the same.

The idea of hiring remote employees is especially useful for new businesses. A virtual office address can work wonders for home ventures and companies working from modest locations. In addition to giving the employee more confidence, it can boost the reactions gained from potential clients too.

Onboarding is another important aspect. It might feel a little tougher when you don’t see those employees face-to-face. However, there’s nothing to stop you sending welcome packs through the post or email. Most importantly, you should ensure that any accounts are ready for them to start working straight away.


 Communicate Regularly

 Strong communication links are a crucial aspect of managing a team of employees. It can be easy to forget that when dealing with staff members that you won’t see on a daily basis. However, maintaining those links aren’t only crucial for the employee’s happiness. They’re equally vital for the accuracy of their work.

 Emails can be a great starting point while team messaging Apps can be useful too. Those instant communications are especially important when something goes wrong. But you should also use digital communication to provide regular feedback, particularly when they’ve done a good job.

 Video conferencing is probably the next best thing to speaking face-to-face, so use it wisely. Finally, inviting them to the staff parties and other key moments can make them feel included and appreciated.


Invest In Their Development

 Keeping those remote employees happy on a daily basis is one thing. But keeping them happy on a permanent one is an entirely new challenge. Underlining your long-term ideas and their job security is easily the best way to do it.

Online staff training is a common feature for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It can be especially useful when you have a mixture of office-based and remote-based employees. By giving them the same attention to detail, it should create a united team. In turn, that should lead to far greater results.

Investing in their development also prepares them for a future higher up the company ladder. With those incentives in mind, their motivation levels will remain high. Given that you aren’t there to keep them on task, this is hugely important for employer and employee alike.