Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

Could Business Leading Be Easier Than We Ever Thought?


Picture in your mind a business leader, and how they behave over the course of the day. What comes to mind? Are they constantly worried, fretting about all of those under their delegation? Are they constantly aggressive, the main frontline soldier in a corporate industry which takes no prisoners? Or, are they wise, humble, and introspective, able to apply the best foresight to any situation? As someone interested in running a business yourself, which one would you most like to emulate? The answer is so obvious that we won’t select the option for you.


However, is it even possible to achieve this state? Surely, in the tumultuous world of business seemingly endless distractions promise to take us away from what really matters, to the point where fighting for business relevance demands more of an iron-disciplined schedule than you may have expected. When running a small firm, simply fighting to set up the structural component of your business is difficult enough, let alone succeeding and growing.


Is this the case? It’s often suspected that business leaders have a horrific time of it, and that’s the price they pay for potential long-term profits. This needs re-examination. The online golden age has surely brought with it some benefits for the head of a business hierarchy, so it’s important to reflect on them and see how they’re relevant.


Consulting Suites


We should all agree that the internet is a wonderful thing. It allows us to find facts, statistics and read case studies from around the world, and all of these things are valid when determining business strategy. However, that’s not all the internet offers. Now, outsourcing multiple levels of your business functioning could be as easy as finding the right suite. Some of these are better than others, and the best offer a complete solution to problems often found in your business life.


For example, instead of using several hosts for your domain names, your cloud backups and your payroll organization, why not find a service which hosts them all? Before long, you could find that vital business functions you need are as easy as hiring the right, complete service to do them for you, which saves you a great amount of time in the early years, which would otherwise be spent trying to build these things from scratch.




Delegation is much easier when you can instantly communicate with your staff, no matter where in the business building you are. To compound this point further, we are living in an age where two partners can run a business and never have to meet. Plenty of instant messaging services such as Google Hangouts, Skype, and certain social media sites all offer you the potential to address multiple levels of employee at all times.


For this reason, delegating is easier than ever, and the reactivity you have to problems has greatly improved. Grasping this by the horns and implementing an online communicative workplace culture will greatly speed up any learning you have to do, and will help you defer tasks to your staff with greater efficiency.


Implement these easy scenarios, and to the business leader of thirty years ago, you would be considered a superhuman corporate entity.