Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

Business Leaders: It’s Time We Talked About Your Hiring Process

Businesses are always looking for opportunities to find the best people for their organizations. But sometimes that’s easier said than done. There might be a high rate of people dropping out of the labor force right now, but that’s usually the people who don’t have the skills that employers are looking for. The actual pool of individuals available to companies is small and in high demand.

The result of all this is escalating wages and more competition between firms for the best people. Given that hiring is becoming more expensive, companies are now looking for ways to improve their hiring processes to make sure that they get the right people. Here’s what they are doing.


Fit The Personality To The Job

Ask any business leader about payroll, and they’ll tell you that the biggest problem is churn. People leaving the company costs businesses thousands of dollars every year – and sometimes as much as a whole year’s worth of salary.


The best way around this according to Jim Brusman, an expert consultant for small businesses, is to find people who actually like their jobs. For instance, people with a lot of empathy are more likely to want to work with other people, rather than being stuck in the back room doing paperwork. Equally, those people who like being creative are going to be less willing to want to do accounting work, he says.

Ask The Right Questions

The traditional interview setup is flawed in many ways, but one of the main ways in which it is flawed is that people can put on a show for the interview and be completely different once they’ve actually got the job.

It’s important, therefore, to ask the right questions, not just in the interview, but also outside of it. During the interview, you want to find out whether a person is a jerk or not. To do so, ask them why they left their old job. Jerks will usually blame other people for why they left, and they will often reveal how much they despised the people they used to work for.  If there’s a tendency to blame external forces, rather than themselves, it’s a good idea to move on to another candidate.


It’s also worth asking the right questions outside of the interview. For instance, going to old employers and asking them for references is a good option. You can also check to see whether the employee has a criminal record. Click here to learn about the process. Employees with certain types of criminal records can be more dangerous than others.

Check Social Media Profiles

It’s not just about whether an employee has a criminal background, it’s also whether they have gotten themselves into any other trouble online. Often by just scrolling through a candidate’s social media profile, it’s possible to find out a lot about them.


Not only is this good for assessing their character, but it’s also good for finding out about their skills. According to Aliah Wright, a contributor to Business News Daily, social media posts can be used to judge skills – like whether a person is a good writer or not. It can also be used to view their work portfolio.