Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2016

What Should A Boss’s Office Look Like?


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Being the boss means that you have to set the example. Juggling so many responsibilities may make it difficult to stay on top of the details. However, by offering an unpresentable office you may be encouraging your fellow staff to be just as sloppy. Here are ways to make your office inspiring to others.

Keep tidy

Obviously having apple cores and crisp packets all over your desk doesn’t look good, but there are other ways to keep it looking tidy. Store documents away and cut down on ornaments to inspire an uncluttered workspace. In case you need to show someone your computer screen, minimise the amount of icons you have on your desktop to encourage an organised computer interface. Keep your office personal, but don’t bring too many of your personal belongings in so that it looks like a living room.

Keep it fresh

Don’t hang on to old furniture and devices that you have an attachment too. Look up executive office desks and get yourself something modern that emboldens your authority. Refurb anything that’s over a decade old. Chuck out that bulky microwave-looking monitor and get something sleek and new. Having new technology in your office will show that you are embracing the times and tell your employees and clients that you are a business that is up-to-the-minute and invested in the future.

Make it approachable

Are there enough chairs in your office for guests and employees? Do you have an open door policy? Making your office approachable brings you closer to your team. You may have a ton of paperwork to be getting through on a regular basis, but shutting people out of your office or discouraging them to stay in there will have a bad effect on the respect between you both. Having a glass divider instead of a brick wall and wooden door, allows people to see into your office and know that you’re not hiding anything from them, whilst still giving yourself the seclusion to work effectively. You can also consider other homely touches such as a kettle for offering guests tea or coffee (it also gives you a personal supply for when you need that caffeine boost but don’t want to interrupt your workflow). Photos and personal items can also help connect you on a personal level, encouraging people to open up to you with personal issues they may have. Of course, as already stated, don’t go overboard and make it an extension of your home.

Look busy

You shouldn’t have to ‘look busy’ as a manager, you should always be busy. If your workforce are slaving away with a project and you have got through all your tasks for the day – don’t sit back and watch a film or read a book. If the team see that you’re not busy, they’ll wonder why they’re bothering. Use free time to tidy up, to plan future projects or to take a tour around the office and assist your employees. Leave the office on your lunch break, so that you’re not ever seen to be sitting around.