Published On: Fri, May 6th, 2016

Bombay High Court Cut Possession Beef Consumption in Maharashtra

Bombay High Court Cut possession beef consumption in Maharashtra. While continuing the ban on slaughter in the state, has evoked mixed reactions. Friday, Court partially struck down the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act, Exempting possession and consumption of beef from outside.

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The opposition Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) said, the order was big blow to the state government, which had enforced a complete beef ban and made the sale or consumption of the meat punishable by a government by a five year jail term and a fine of RS 10,000. Both congress and NCP alleged that BJP’s real face stood exposed as the party led.

Government was bent on imposing a particular lifestyle on others along with pursuing the divisive politics. Bombay High Court cut Possession of consumption of beef inside the state of Maharashtra but beef consumer can make from outside the state.

Congress spokesperson, Sachin Sawant said that BJP’s intention since beginning was not noble, but creating divisions among communities. The High Court order partially striking down has exposed BJP’s political ploy’’, he added.

Nawab Malik

Nawab Malik, NCP spokesperson, welcomed the High Court order and said that people habituated to eat bull and bullock beef will continue to do from now. ‘’ The fundamental right has been restored’’.

Bhimrao Dhonde

Bhimrao Dhonde, BJP legislature said, the government’s priority should be to support farmers, and they should be allowed to sell their cattle to whoever they wish them to sell.’’ It is time to withdraw the ban’’. He said. The government’s ban on sale of unproductive cattle has adversely impacted farmers as they had to bear additional burden.

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Imtiyaz Jaleel

Imtiyaz Jaleel, legistor from All India Majis-e-lttehad-ul Muslimeen said, we are surprised, ‘’ we will approach the supreme court with plea to allow the slaughtering of bull and bullock above 16 years of age, Bombay High Court Cut possession orders does not permit sale of beef within the state. As the court suggested but transportation of beef from outside the state for its consumption and possession’’.




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