Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2016

5 Ways To Create Loyal Customers

If you’ve got a business, then you probably know just how important loyal customers are to your success. Focusing on gaining new customers all the time isn’t the way forward. By focusing on keeping your customers loyal, you’ll have an easier time of getting repeat business. Studies show that it’s easier to keep previous customers interested than it is to gain new customers. Not only that, your loyal customers will bring new customers to you with their word of mouth reviews and recommendations. Creating loyal customers should be one if your main focuses as a business owner. Here are 5 ways you can do just that:

Keep It Personal If You Can

You can create loyal customers by keeping your interactions with them personal, both in person and online. Try your best to remember names, and they’ll feel far more valuable to you. You can have conversations with them too if appropriate, but make sure you’re good at gauging the personality of a customer before you start asking them questions that might make them uncomfortable. Some people are introverts and don’t want to chat that much! That being said, they will all appreciate a personal approach.


Offer Loyalty Cards, Discounts And Schemes

To show your customers how much they matter to you, you can offer loyalty cards, discounts, and other schemes to them. Of course you need to make sure that this approach isn’t affecting you or your bottom line. Everybody loves free stuff, so working out smart ways to offer these to your customers is a great way to keep them coming back.

Ways To Create Loyal Customers


Train Staff In Customer Service

You know how important customer service is, and you’d like to think your staff do too. Training your staff in customer service never hurt anybody. It gets everyone on the same page. It teaches them how to handle face to face interactions, phone calls, and even disgruntled customers. Make sure they know how important it is to the business!

Keep Things Running As Efficiently As Possible

Keeping things running as efficiently as possible will please your customers. The more efficient your business, the better your service. Is there anything you can automate? Could you work with a company like Spectrumwise to keep things up and running? You’re bound to run into problems, as all businesses do, but making sure you get back on track quickly will minimize damage.

Keep Your Employees Happy

This might seem a little strange, after all, this post is about your customers. Keeping your employees happy makes them more productive. They are far more likely to do a great job and go out of their way for people when you work on keeping them satisfied in their jobs. You can do this by coming up with bonus schemes, making sure the office is a great place to work, and by being a good boss. When your employees are happy, you can pretty much rest easy knowing that they are creating loyal customers for you.

Create loyal customers using these 5 tactics and you’ll notice a big difference!