Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

5 Steps to a Stellar Business Event

There’s much to love about hosting a business event. You get to showcase the energy and branding of your company. You get to meet with – and reward – people who have helped you to become a successful venture. You get to mingle with people that will take you to the next level. It is, all-around, a win-win-win situation, or at least it will be if you get it right. Below, we take a look at five steps that’ll ensure your next business event isn’t just good; but that it’s great.

5 Steps to a Stellar Business Event



Be “All In”

There are no half measures when it comes to hosting a business event. You want to ensure that you’re fully committed to making it the best that it can be. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a company host an event that turns out to be memorable for its lack of ambition. You can ensure that you’re ready to deliver the best your company can provide by choosing a time when you have A. something worth celebrating B. the energy to deliver your best and C. no other pressing business commitments. Make it the focus of the month: it’ll pay off handsomely if you do!


Bringing the Fun

Business is business, but fun is fun…and when it comes to hosting an event, it’s much better to have the emphasis on fun rather than anything else. While you can have a twinge of business flowing throughout the event, remember that people will be coming to have a good time. So make sure that they’re able to do so! Having things like a bar, music (either live band or DJ), fun games to play and the like will ensure that people aren’t drifting away from your event because they’re bored.


The Essentials

Of course, it can’t all be about fun. There are some practical considerations to keep in mind, too. For example, will you serve food? Will there be an open bar? Whatever you decide, if there’s going to be a lot of people then you’ll need things like a cloakroom, parking, toilet block hire, and enough spaces for everyone to sit. Overlook these things, and the logistical chaos will undo all of your good work.


The Guestlist

Of course, you won’t be able to invite anyone and everyone. There are space issues to keep in mind. The tough thing will be to determine who makes the cut, and who has to make do with coming to the next event. First of all, all of your staff should be invited; they’re the ones who have had the most impact on your company’s success, so they deserve to have their night of fun! Elsewhere, make sure you’re inviting business partnerships, potential partnerships, and other local leaders and business people.


Following Up

Finally, remember that your event will only be beneficial in the long-term if you’re following up with the people you meet after the event has finished. In the days after, send a ‘thanks for attending’ email, and suggest ways to continue the arrangement.