Published On: Thu, Dec 15th, 2016

4 Big Problems Winter Weather Can Cause For Small Business


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Winter can be a trying time for businesses. You might experience a surge of customers thanks to Christmas and New Year’s shopping. While this will help you make more profit, there’s also a downside. The Winter Weather can make things difficult for your company in many ways.

You should get your business prepared for a cold, harsh winter. It’s predicted that a polar vortex is about to hit, so rain, snow, and freezing temperatures should be expected. Here are some of the problems your business might have to face.

Employee Absence

You should expect an increased rate of employee absence in winter. For one, employees might get snowed into their driveways, making it difficult to get into work. What’s more, it’s cold and flu season. You’ll want to keep infected employees at home, so other workers don’t get affected!

It can be tough to deal with, as some employees may call in sick first thing in the morning. You need to ensure your business is equipped to deal with employee shortages.

A lot of companies hire temporary staff. It helps not only with the seasonal rush but also covering sick employees. If your business gives employees shift work, you might need to call workers to cover extra shifts. It also helps to prioritize your projects well. Get the most important tasks out of the way first, in case you have fewer employees to help later.

Building Problems

Poor weather conditions can potentially affect your business premises. Winter weather can sometimes damage the exterior of your commercial property. It helps to have building and contents insurance to cover any damage.

The cold weather can also affect the inside of your building. Damp and moisture is one of the biggest problems you’re likely to face in winter. It can make employees sick and even affect your operations in some cases. For example, moisture in manufacturing firms can damage products. Things like NIR moisture transmitters can help identify and tackle moisture.

Remember to also keep your building heated. Working in freezing temperatures can distract employees from their work and make illness more likely. Central heating can help. But if you don’t have it, electric heaters can do the job well.

Driving Issues

Whether it’s making deliveries or meeting clients, many businesses need employees to drive for work. Wet and icy roads can make accidents more likely, so make sure your drivers are kept safe.

Employee vehicles should be well-insured to cover accidents and repairs. Make sure your drivers also take extra precautions. Trying to make a delivery at lightning speed isn’t worth it when the roads are so dangerous!

Make sure you give your vehicles a safety check. It also helps to supply drivers with emergency equipment, such as a snow scraper and a blanket.

Weather Interruptions

The poor weather can also cause interruptions to business productivity. Snowstorms might prevent you and your employees from making it into work. It can also stop customers from reaching your business. Storms can also cause power cuts. It can help to have a backup generator in these situations. In some cases, it might be better to close up for the day.

It’s a good idea to implement a remote working solution. You can use remote access tools or cloud collaboration software for you and your employees to work from home. That way, even if employees get snowed in, or you’re snowed out of your premises, you can keep up business productivity.