Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2016

TCS Fined $94000 Million for Trade Secret Case

India most leading IT company Tata consultancy services (TCS) denied the charges of $9400 million for intellectual property infringement. Two company, Tata consultancy services and Tata America International Cooperation for alleged stealing of software information form Epic systems. But, $240 million has to be paid for IP infringement, $ 700 million for punitive damages.

TCS fined $94000 million for trade secret case

October, 2014, Epic system filed a case accusing TCS and Tata America for stealing its trade secrets, confidential information documents and data. Epic also said that TCS employees have been fraudulently accessing Epics software to improve their own competing product.  TCS employees account which was used in India and several Us locations are downloaded 6, 4777 documents according to Epic reports.

Company has engaged in elaborate campaign of deception to steal documents, confidential information, and trade secrets.

TCS respects the legal authority and process of jury, the jury verdict on liability and damages was unexpected as the company believes they got unsupported by evidence during the trial,  it is expected the trial judgment will entered in case after 6-8 weeks. TCS plans to defend its position vigorously in appeals to higher courts.


TCS fined $94000 million for trade secret case (1)

Judges announced that he will reduce the damages award. 39 page complaint alleged Tata workers, to use its software downloaded 6,477 documents accounting for 1,687 unique files from epic computer. Complain further said that employee tipped off Epic about this activity and that the Indian company leadership in US and India were aware of development that had commenced in 2012.

Epic claimed TCS Defendant Company used the document and information to identify features of its software to accelerate the development of rival product called Med Manta. It also mentioned that TCS is engaged with different campaign of deception to steal documents.

On Saturday company delegates said that ‘company will defend our position vigorously in appeals to higher courts’ TCS remains committed for protecting IP (intellectual property).