Published On: Tue, Sep 13th, 2016

First Motorcycle Ride: Make It As Safe And Fun As Possible

First Motorcycle Ride

Picture by Flickr

So you’ve passed your test and bought and insured your bike. Now all that is left to do is ride your new motorcycle for the first unsupervised. Whether you’re returning from the dealership or going on a road trip, your first motorcycle ride is a momentous occasion. It’s a chance to put everything you’ve learned into practice while also unleashing your sense of adventure. But as you’re a new rider, it’s likely you will also be feeling nervous about the experience. To ease your anxiety and to make sure this ride is as safe and fun as possible, here are a few things every new rider should do.

Learn the controls

Don’t feel pressured into leaving your home or the dealership in a hurry. Instead, give yourself to familiarize yourself with your motorcycle’s controls. This is particularly important if the bike you have bought is different to the one you learned to ride on for your test. Find out how to turn it on, switch on the indicators and use the front and rear brakes. You should also learn how to open the fuel tank and practise using the clutch. If you’re unsure of anything, talk to the experts at the dealership or ask for advice from friends with bikes. It’s also recommended that you inspect all areas of your bike to make sure it’s in full working order before you ride.

Get the right gear

As you are just starting out, it’s more likely you will experience accidents on your bike. Whether it’s a minor fall or a full-on collision, if you aren’t wearing the right gear you could get seriously injured or killed. This is why it’s so important to buy the gear you need before riding your new motorcycle.  

Read reviews on sites like Bikers’ Basics who test out helmets, boots, and bike accessories. If possible also try the products yourself before you buy. The clothing you choose to wear should also be given plenty of consideration. Look for thick leather jackets and clothing with armored panels while also remembering to layer too. These items will give you peace of mind and give you the protection you need should you come off your bike.

Plan your route

Even though you will be eager to see where the road takes you, your first ride should have plenty of structure. Think about where you want to go and plan the most direct route to get there. You can do this using Google Maps ahead of when you intend to ride. It may be beneficial to choose a time of day when you can avoid rush hour, so you have less traffic to worry about. Once you have a suitable route and time planned, also remember to check the radio for traffic updates. The last thing you want is to be stuck in traffic when you should be enjoying riding your motorcycle.

Doing some planning before you get onto your new bike for the first time is vital and will ensure your experience is a positive one. While you naturally want to enjoy yourself, safety should always be your biggest concern. Find the perfect balance between the two and every ride will be the best ride of your life.