Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Can You Prevent A Car Accident? The Answer Is Yes!



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There is quite a large consensus of people who believe that you can not prevent a car accident. Particularly, when the danger is already present, and now you’re just waiting for the crash. That time lapse can just be seconds, and it is easy to assume when something does go wrong it’s out of your control. However, it is also an incorrect assumption. Recent research has revealed that most car accidents can be prevented if action is taken before or after the crash. Let’s look at some of the ways you can stop an accident occurring.

Tyre Blow Outs

Tyre blowouts are ranked as 21 on most likely reasons for a car accident. When your tyre blows out, you will immediately feel a shift in control or lack thereof, and it can be quite frightening. Particularly, if at the time of the blowout, you were travelling at a high speed. The first thing we need to consider is what you could have done to prevent this from happening at all. You should be checking your car tyres every time you drive. Even if it’s just a brief check by kicking each one in turn. This simple action could save your life.

Of course, even if you check your tyres, one could still blow out. You need to focus on keeping control of the car. Most people lose precious seconds because they panic. Do your best to maintain control steering away in the opposite direction of the blown tyre. Bring your speed down gradually, until you can come to a stop.


Animals On The Road


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Animals on the road are another major cause of car accidents that people think cannot be prevented. Sadly, most accidents in this case are caused by cars swerving to avoid a crossing animal. No one wants to kill an innocent animal, but you have to put your safety first. If you swerve, you might end up in the line of a passing vehicle. Or, you could lose control of the car completely. Brake, but do not swerve to avoid an animal. A head on collision is often far less dangerous.

Dangerous Curves In The Road

There are a number of roads around the country that are incredibly dangerous. This is usually due to tight curves that are deceptive. For instance, if you are following a sat nav, you might think the bend does not look that tight. You may then approach it at a faster speed. You should always rely on the signs and never use your judgment when assessing how dangerous a bend is. You may feel silly driving at a slower speed for a gradual bend. But that warning has been put there because someone else has crashed.

Road Rage

Prevent A Car Accident

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Finally, road rage is perhaps one of the biggest dangers of the road. If you are driving in anger, you are more likely to take risks that you know are unsafe. You may perform an overtake on a curving road or closely tail a driver who has annoyed you. You must avoid this type of behaviour as it will almost always leads to an accident. If someone else is driving dangerously, pull over and allow them to pass.