Published On: Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

Ringing Bells Accused of Cheating and Fraud by its Customer Service Provider

Ringing Bells has been accused of Cheating and non-payment of dues by its customer Service provider. Ringing Bells on the other hand accused the BPO Company “Cyfuture” that it failed to handle the customer calls and traffic.Ringing Bells Accused of Cheating and Fraud by its Customer Service Provider

Anuj Bairathi, who is Founder and CEO of BPO Company, says that they were always doubtful about Ringing Bells and their business model. But after several discussions with their management team and watching the list of names of senior politicians visiting ‘Ringing Bells’ launch event, they decided to take up their project.

The call centre received lakhs of calls after the phone was unveiled and all the calls were handled and responded properly. Ringing bells was satisfied with their services, he said. But when they asked for payments ringing bells started making false statements and terminated their services.

“This is a clear case of cheating, fraud and breach of contract. As per the contract, Ringing Bells had specifically assured us of a minimum lock-in period of one year and no termination before a year,” Bairathi said.

Denying all the charges, Ringing Bells said that Customer care executives were unable to connect and thousands of customers complaints were raised by customers in this regard.

“We had outsourced this job to Cyfuture BPO. Telecom companies confirmed that the helpline was receiving a volume of approximately 12 lakh calls per hour. It came to our knowledge that the BPO company was not able to handle the traffic. We are looking into the situation to serve our customers better,” Ringing Bells President Ashok Chaddha said.

Bairathi said that 100 people were hired in the short period of time to handle lakhs of calls for Freedom 251 mobile phones. Company will suffer disturbance if they lay off 100 employees hired to handle calls. According to the agreement, in the process of termination of services due to unsatisfactory services, Ringing Bells was to provide 30 day notice period and make all pending payments, Bairathi added.

Mr Barathi said that this is a clear case of cheating and fraud and they will take legal action against the Company ‘Ringing Bells’.

“They are also not taking our calls. We plan to take all necessary legal recourse including filing a police complaint to fight our case,” Mr Bairathi said.



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