Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

Watch This Palace Tumble: Frank Deboer Sacked By Crystal Palace After Five Games

Watch This Palace Tumble: Frank Deboer Sacked By Crystal Palace After Five Games

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The 2017 season has gotten off to a shaky start for Crystal Palace, who hoped new manager Frank Deboer could lead them to success. Deboer led Dutch team Ajax to the Eredivisie four years in a row. But things have gone downhill since. He left Inter Milan after just 85 days last November. And, while Palace had high hopes, Deboer’s management has fallen flat to say the least. So much so that the team has sacked him after just five games, only one of which resulted in success. That makes Deboer the shortest reigning manager in the Premier League era!

And let’s be honest; it doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, bookies like had odds of 8/13 that Deboer would be the first manager to leave from his third defeat. And things have only gotten worse since, making it even more likely Deboer wouldn’t last long.

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But, is this a harsh judgement? Reactions from fans on Twitter, as found on, suggest they’re far from happy with the decision. Many seem to think Palace failed to give Deboer a chance. Some even referred to the move as ‘pathetic’ and ‘crazy,’ citing that Deboer wasn’t given fair opportunity. In an attempt to squash escalating displeasure, Steve Parish Tweeted: ‘We are four games in. It’s a terrible start but we have to stick together. People are frustrated. I’m frustrated, so are the management and players…’ He then went on to outline where he thought things had gone wrong, citing figures on spending for players this season.

Opinions aside,  Palace has had one of the most disastrous starts to a season. In fact, they’re the first team in 93 years to have such a bad run, with not one goal scored in their first four games against Huddersfield, Liverpool, Swansea, and Burnley. And, it seems everything was done on a friendly footing, with Deboer releasing a statement saying: “I am very disappointed about the decision but never the less I want to thank the players, staff and the fans for their support. Good luck for the future.”

Even more explosive than the backlash for Deboer’s sacking is the rallying against his replacement. Palace has already confirmed their plan to give Deboer’s contract to England manager Roy Hodgson. Fans are up in arms, and it’s easy to see why. After England was bowled out of the Euro 2016, Hodgson came under criticism for his questionable decisions amongst other things.

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That said, Hodgson’s last Premier League position with West Bromwich Albion couldn’t have been better. He steered the team clear of relegation and saw them securely in 10th place. But, fans may well have a hard time seeing past his most recent failure with England.

His first chance to shine will be during a game against Southampton at Selhurst Park on Saturday. Whatever the outcome, he’s going to need to work fast if he expects to keep his position during upcoming games against Manchester United and Chelsea. The pressure is most definitely on.



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