Published On: Tue, May 3rd, 2016

Bring Back Kohinoor: MP Bhupinder Singh

Bring back Kohinoor from Britain and giving it to the Jaganath Temple in Puri, as had been willed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh was made in the Rajya Sabha today.

Bring Back Kohinoor MP Bhupinder Singh

In zero Hour mention, Bhupinder Singh raise a willed bring back Kohinoor diamond be given to Jagannath Temple as Guru Nanak Dev had visited Puri and mentioned about the diety in the holy book of Guru Granth Saheb.

Centre Government

The centre had recenyly told Supreme Court that heirs of Maharaja Ranjit Singh gave the 105 carat Kohinoor to the British as voluntary compensation to cover the expenses of the Anglo-Sikh Wars.

He said, it was incorrect to say that the heirs of Maharaja Ranjit Singh had convered to Christianity and offered the diamond to British. ‘’will be happy if Kohinoor is brought back’’. Deputy Chairman P J Kurien said.

Bring Back Kohinoor MP Bhupinder Singh (1)

He demanded that collegiums system of appointing judges must be scrapped and replsced by transparent system of appointment and vacancies filled up at earliest. An ‘All India Judicial Services be set up and revolution to SC,ST and OBC given at all levels of judicial appointments.

Singh Deo demanded that, retired sepoys of army should be absorbed in paramilitary and police forces after they retired at the age of 35. ‘’it is not fair that MP and MLA gets pension after 2-3 years of being in the legislature, a jawan gets it only after putting in 15 years of services.

Ripun Bora

In Zero Hour Mention, Ripun Bora (Cong) raised the issue of NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) for admission to medical colleges. He said lakhs of regional language aspirants for MBBS and BDS would be able to compete is the entrance test is held on CBEC syllabus.

Bora also said there was shortage of doctors in Assam. He also added that, a large number of victims of custodial death belong to minority community.




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