Published On: Sat, Apr 23rd, 2016

Even Half a Degree can Come Into Play in Global Warming

A team of researchers has revealed that even a half a degree can come into play in global warming which matters a lot for a earth.

Even Half a Degree can Come Into Play in Global Warming (1)

European researcher have found substantially different climate change recently which impacts global warming of 1.5 degree C and 2 degree C by 2100 the two temperature limits included in Paris climate agreement. The additional 0.5 degree C mean 10 cm higher global sea level rise by 2100 longer heat waves and would result in virtually all tropical regions.

What would be the impact of global warming?

Tropical region would bear the brunt of impacts of additional 0.5 degree C of global warming in the end of the century that will lead to warm spell up to 50% longer in 2 degree C world than at 1.5 degree C. Particularly in tropical region the rise of additional temperature would be 0.5 degree C. which will be affects natural variability of present day, explain Schleussner.

Researcher has scale that rise of sea level would be 50 cm by 2100 in 2 degree C warmer world , 10 cm more than 1.5 degree warmer. But, sea level will be decrease during 21 century only under 1.5 degree C.

Even Half a Degree can Come Into Play in Global Warming

Senior scientist William hare said, the results of growing body effects climate at lower risk then previous thought with least developed countries and small island developing states, 1.5 degree warming limit would substantially reduce the impacts of climate change.

Tropical region impact in global warming

In tropical region half a degree difference in global warming temperature could be determine by crop yields, particularly in Central America and West Africa. On average local tropical maize and wheat yields would reduce a temperature twice as much as 2 degree C compared to 1.5 degree temperature.

The team of researcher from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands has identified a number of hotspots where the 2 degree C is significantly more severe than at 1.5 degree c.






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