Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Aligarh Movie Screening: Ready to JNU at March 4

At present, JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) is the most controversial educational institute of India. Nowadays, it is suffering with litany of controversies. After a lot discussion, all is set to the most controversial anti-homophobia Aligarh movie screening. On March 4th, it will be screening at JNU.


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The movie director Hansal Mehta confirmed that, “It’s going to be screened at the JNU as part of the Human Rights Festival. I am happy to see the film reach the places that matter.”

Recently, on 1st March, Hansal celebrated the success party of “Aligarh” with all members who contributed in this movie.

Hansal said, “The film has reached to the correct kind of audience. It has received tremendous support from the media. I can’t recall any film which has been so lovingly reviewed. I am inviting all the critics who looked at my film the way it was meant to be seen. And I am inviting all those colleagues who believed in the film.”


Aligarh is based on the life of AMU professor Ramchandra Siras who was suspended from his job because of his sexual orientation. Later, he died under mysterious circumstances. This movie will be showcased as a part of the Human Rights Festival.

Delhi-based lawyer Mohammad Ahsan Khan argued that contents and name of the movie is libellous to the students who have passed from Aligarh Muslim University. It also hurts feelings of Aligarh citizens.

This lawyer had also stated that, the reviews of this movie published at every social media websites. It was downing the image of Aligarh people and AMU.

Finally, this movie got approval to screening in JNU.



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