Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

Turning 50? Your Body’s Got Some Surprises

Turning 50? Your Body's Got Some Surprises

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Growing up is optional but growing old is inevitable, so no matter how young you may feel, or how young your head may try and convince you that you are, your body will struggle to keep up. In fact, your body will have some surprises ready, surprises that you may not have known about. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of some of these so that the shock of it all is cushioned a bit, although you may forget you ever read this article, in which case there is nothing we can do.

You’ll Slow Down A Bit

Not that you’ll have a choice, and that’s because the signals that your brain sends to your legs won’t be as sharp or clear as they were when you were a bit younger. That means it is not your body or your muscles letting you down so much, it is your brain. The truth is, this slowing down nonsense will probably start to take effect when you are in your early forties. However, you won’t notice it until you reach your 50s. But all hope is not lost. It is a matter of looking after your body, and that means eating well and exercising more. What’s more, exercising doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be pilates or jogging. It could be dancing. Start taking your wife to dance lessons, or go with a friend, it’s a great form of exercise.

You’ll Slow Down A Bit There Too

While the average age men are diagnosed with prostate cancer is 66, it has become more and more common in men that are in the 50s, which is why it is important to start considering it a bit more. In short, your 50s will see you start attending screenings and discussing prevention options and treatments, such as focal therapy. Sure, they can be awkward conversations to have with someone, even a person in a medical profession, but you’re in your fifties now, which means you’ve probably done more embarrassing things and shared more embarrassing stories. So protect yourself by speaking to your doctor and doing the research you never thought you’d do.

Getting Out Of Bed Will Get Harder

You have used your body for a long time. You have walked a long way in your body, ran some of it, played rugby or football, had a turn at skiing and put it through its paces. And rightly so, your body is there to be enjoyed. However, all that wear and tear will really start to be felt at 50 because your tendons and ligaments (the things connecting bone to bones and muscles) won’t be as elastic as they once were. That means you’ll be stiff. You’ll be stiff after a night in bed, and after a long car journey and maybe even after your afternoon nap. However, it should be painful, so if it is then you need to speak to your doctor and get a medical opinion.



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