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Why A Healthy Lifestyle Can Aid Productivity

Ask yourself honestly: how are your productivity levels at the moment? Good, possibly. But something most people can agree on is that their productivity levels could always be higher. We live in a very demanding society that sets very high targets for us, both regarding our professional and personal lives. But on the flip side, we also live in a culture where distractions are everywhere – whether that’s an extended coffee break with your colleagues in the office or staring mindlessly at your phone for longer than you would like to admit.

Getting into this kind of bad habits can severely affect your productivity levels, especially if you are already feeling tired or stressed out – no one is in the right frame of mind to get work done in this kind of mood. But adopting a healthier lifestyle can be one way in which you can take steps to becoming more productive again. Here are just some of the ways in which you can do that and start feeling like you achieve something every day of your life.

Why A Healthy Lifestyle Can Aid Productivity

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Start the day right

You wouldn’t expect your car to work if you filled up its tank with water instead of gas now, would you? On the same note, your body needs fuelling with the right things so you can start off the day on a positive note. Forget skipping breakfast – this will only lead to you facing a mid-morning slump, and inevitably snacking on something sugary to give you the energy boost your body so desperately craves.  Even if you don’t feel hungry when you wake up, try and eat something such as some whole grain cereal or toast, plus some fruit. You will feel so much more alert as a result and will have a much more energetic morning.

Kick any bad habits

The unhealthy habits we form are often to blame for our lacking productivity levels, as well as declining general health. If you know you have a busy day at work tomorrow, but your friend has invited you out for dinner, be mindful of your alcohol consumption. There’s nothing wrong with going out and enjoying yourself, but too much of a good thing can make you unwell, tired and unfocused for work the next day. Many smokers also experience ‘brain fog’ from the intake of too much tobacco, as well as the constant need for a cigarette break interrupting their work every hour or so. If this is a habit that you personally have to deal with, try breaking it by learning about vaping 101. As well as being better for you, e-cigs are a popular choice for those people wanting to quit smoking for good.

Why A Healthy Lifestyle Can Aid Productivity

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Get exercising

You might think that going out for a walk on your lunch break is simply a waste of time – an hour in which you could be working. But by getting out of the office and into the fresh air for a while, you could actually be doing your mind, body and work ethic a huge favor. When you exercise, your heart pumps more blood around your body, including to your brain. So when you sit down again at your desk for the afternoon, you will be physically better off, and much more focused for the rest of the day.



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