Published On: Sun, Mar 13th, 2016

Say “NO” to these Hilarious Beauty Trends

Girls are full of style and fashion. They never feel awkward to try some new makeup or fashion adventures. Nowadays, Internet is great source for everything. Here you can see every type of beauty trends some are better and other are very hilarious. Sometime girls prefer to copy these hilarious beauty trends. But it is not good in real life. Here we are going to share some beauty trends that you should try in your life.

Following are some Hilarious Beauty Trends:

  • Leopard Lips
Leopard Lips

Leopard Lips

It is look like wastage of talent. To get this trend very perfect way then we have requirement of great skill. Otherwise, it will smudge during talk, eat or drink.

  • Oil Slick Lips
Oil Slick Lips

Oil Slick Lips

Mostly, we see this trend on magazines. Actually this greasy lip trend turns your mouth into one of those puddles. Sometimes it went as totally wrong.

  • Mermaid Lips
Mermaid Lips

Mermaid Lips

When you are following this trend then prohibited eating totally. It will not allow you eat something. If you will try then it will totally reshaped and went wrong.

  • Clown Contouring
Clown Contouring

Clown Contouring

It can be work but you should try best for it. It seems like art work. To get ready with this style, be careful and follow it with full of confidence. You may or may not get best results.

  • Fur Nails
Fur Nails

Fur Nails

It looks like funny and horror way trend. It also may affect your daily routine like eating food or going to washroom. No matter it is runway trend but not too good.

Do you agree with us about these hilarious beauty trends? Drop your comments in comment section.



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