Car Problems? Not After You’ve Read This

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); For most of us, our car is our most prized possession. After all, they aren’t exactly cheap, but they are incredibly important in our everyday lives. Without them, we probably couldn’t get to work or take the kids on the school run all that easily. So what happens when your motor ends More...

by Sanwal | Published 2 months ago
By Sanwal On Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Give Your Nerves A Shake-Up: How To Get Driving Again After An Accident

  photo from pixabay Having a car accident is something a lot of us have been through in our lives. Unfortunately, it is all too common an occurrence, and if you get caught in a really bad accident, it can More...

Credit: Pixabay Driving has always had many associated dangers. People on the road should always be aware of the risk of irresponsible drivers. However, while collisions and accidents have always been a concern, it seems that things are getting worse. Government data has revealed that over 35,000 people died in road accidents in 2015. To put this into perspective, it’s an 8% increase over 2014 and the largest increase in over 50 years. Not only that but around 4.4 million people were injured in auto accidents. The sharp rise in injuries and deaths is a startling statistic. Right now might even be a worse time than ever, as higher numbers of car accidents appear to occur in the summer. In 2014, over a third of fatal crashes happened between June and September. Other years have similar statistics, and many of the fatalities occur over the weekend. It’s not only car drivers that are in danger, though. Although car accidents make up a large part of road accidents, motorcyclists are much more at risk. Pedestrians and cyclists also need to be careful of all kinds of vehicles. The rise in accidents emphasizes that people need to be careful on the roads in general, whether behind the wheel or outside of a vehicle. The Affected Parties The biggest concern is the many people who are seriously injured or even killed by these accidents. The tragedy extends to their friends and families. Certain industries are also involved in dealing with car crashes. Many lawyers offer help and guidance to affected parties in these incidents. Those who experience injuries from road accidents may need legal help to get compensation. Legal services such as the law office of Matthew L. Sharp help people who have been affected by a road, car or truck accident. Although insurance is meant to cover the costs, customers sometimes get short-changed by providers. Lawyers also handle insurance disputes for clients who are entitled to financial recuperation. Speaking of insurance companies, they’ve also had to adapt to the rise in road risks. In May, it was reported that auto insurance rates are increasing rapidly. Insurance providers have had to strive to keep up with the rising rate of insurance claims. Many drivers look to comparison sites to get better deals. With many firms losing money from claims and court cases, it seems to be a dark time for insurance companies. The Causes Credit: Pixabay Many causes have been suggested for the rise in traffic fatalities. Official statistics reveal that failure to wear a seatbelt is the most pressing concern, with this causing over half of the road deaths in 2015. Irresponsible driving is also a big problem. Around 30% of the fatalities were due to speeding or drunk driving. Distracted driving is also becoming a more pressing issue. It seemed to be a factor in around 10% of the fatalities last year. Many media outlets have suggested that the increase in smartphone usage is a large contributor towards this. Drivers should take extra care to prevent accidents from happening. It also seems that people are simply traveling more miles. Lower gas prices and rising employment rates mean that people are driving more daily. With more vehicles on the road, it’s natural that more accidents will occur.
By Sanwal On Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

The Startling Rise In Road Accidents: Who’s Involved And What’s To Blame?

Credit: Pixabay Driving has always had many associated dangers. People on the road should always be aware of the risk of irresponsible drivers. However, while collisions and accidents have always been a concern, More...

First Motorcycle Ride
By Sanwal On Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

First Motorcycle Ride: Make It As Safe And Fun As Possible

Picture by Flickr So you’ve passed your test and bought and insured your bike. Now all that is left to do is ride your new motorcycle for the first unsupervised. Whether you’re returning from the dealership More...

Incredible Police Car Technologies
By Sanwal On Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Incredible Police Car Technologies Hitting The Road This Year

Nobody is immune to the wave of technology currently crashing over humanity, even the police. They too are having their worlds transformed by the march of technology. From new sirens to hidden headlamps, they’re More...

By Sanwal On Thursday, July 14th, 2016

Making Sure You Pass Your Driving Knowledge Test the First Time

The first step on the road to getting your driver’s license is passing the knowledge test. You will have to pass this as well as your practical test, so it’s just as important. You will first have to deal with More...

By Sanwal On Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Can You Prevent A Car Accident? The Answer Is Yes!

  Click For Pic There is quite a large consensus of people who believe that you can not prevent a car accident. Particularly, when the danger is already present, and now you’re just waiting for the crash. More...

Most Dangerous Countries To Be A Trucker
By Sanwal On Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

4 Of The Most Dangerous Countries To Be A Trucker

Although some people aren’t aware of it, trucking can be an extremely dangerous occupation. You probably only spend a handful of hours a week driving. However, for someone who’s driving a heavy-duty vehicle More...

Four Massive Trends Set To Redefine How We Drive
By Sanwal On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Four Massive Trends Set To Redefine How We Drive

When you think about it, the automobile has transformed our world. Before the car, the streets were narrow. And cities had to be very tightly packed. There were no suburbs as such because there was no easy way to More...

Top Reasons For Accidents In The Manufacturing Industry
By Sanwal On Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Top Reasons For Accidents In The Manufacturing Industry

Are you running a manufacturing company? If so, you are more than likely aware of the many dangers that can occur in the workplace. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common causes of accidents in More...