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This Is How to Improve Employee Engagement

Having disengaged workforce is an issue that doesn’t only affect a particular company, but the whole world economy as well. Granted, most of the people fall somewhere in the middle, meaning a smaller percentage is very engaged and identifies with their company, and a smaller percentage is extremely disengaged and causes more harm than good. Since most of the people are in-between these two extremes, they are most likely to make a change in regards to work engagement. Here are a few tips on what you can do in order to get your employees more involved with their jobs:



Being a part of the team is extremely important, but having your own voice is also highly relevant. While employees are discussing certain issues with their supervisors, being able to express their thoughts and be heard is such a crucial part of their job satisfaction and engagement. Not feeling or being treated like a machine is one of the biggest constituents of a healthy and prosperous work dynamic.


If you want satisfied and engaged employees, you have to make sure they get the right roles. It is important to match a person’s traits with a role that requires those kinds of traits. This way, they are going to feel more competent and confident with their work, and subsequently, they will start identifying even more with their jobs.


Employees need to receive feedback. If they are doing their jobs for months and don’t receive a single comment on their endeavours, they are going to feel less satisfied in that working environment. It is very unsettling not to know if you are doing the right thing day after day. Additionally, don’t be shy when it comes to praise, and say thank you, when a thank you is called for.


People who are very engaged and committed to their jobs, usually have a certain degree of control or at least a saying in decision making. A lot of companies have prospered through implementing the method of collective decision making. Every worker has a saying, and every decision that is made is made through the means of democracy. Apart from that, allow them to organize their offices in ways that are in concordance with their preferences.


Even though it doesn’t fit in with our usual picture of the working environment, building a healthy dynamic which, apart from being strictly business oriented, also includes having fun. The more formal you are, the stronger the tension in the workplace will be. This is why it’s important to have incredible managers who are capable of merging both aspects of the job into one. Organize friendly competitions, sports days, be transparent and stimulate directness and openness in communication. If you are looking for some more tips on such fun activities Bargain Hunter’s blog is the perfect place to find such entertainment activities.”

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