Published On: Fri, Mar 31st, 2017

Are You Endangering Your Life By Doing These On A Motorcycle?

Biking can be a great hobby or indeed the primary source of transportation. There seems to be more freedom riding a bike than there is riding a car. You’re smaller, able to zip around at great speeds while enjoying supreme viewing angles all the while. However, there are some serious issues that can arise from biking. Crashes are always worse than those in a car because at speed you will inevitably come off your bike and hit something. If you do one of these when driving then stop it immediately. You could kill yourself, or worse, others nearby. Be a diligent driver, not one of those who cause accidents with wounds, both physical and mental, that can last a lifetime.

Using A Pho

In a car it is bad, on a bike it is plain stupidity. You only leave yourself with one hand on the bar, meaning you have less strength for corrections. You won’t be able to adjust fast enough if there is something coming up ahead. People die or are injured as a result of people using their phones whilst on the road every single day. Don’t be one of these people, if you are on the receiving end you may need legal help. Even at low speeds the resulting accidents can be wild and deadly. You could also end up facing heavy fines and prosecution, you could even lose your license. Don’t court disaster and let it happen. Be a clever driver and try your best not to reach for the phone. If you need to, pull over.

Are You Endangering Your Life By Doing These On A Motorcycle?


Not Using The Right Protective Clothing

If you don’t use a helmet then you are stupid. Plain and simple. Yet it is the leathers that many people choose not to wear. It is fair enough, they can be quite uncomfortable especially in the heat and over long journeys. Yet it can literally stop the skin ripping from your bones. If you come off at speed you will slide. The road isn’t smooth, it’s rough. Leathers help you survive. They also come with padded knee and elbow pads too. They can stop you receiving purely horrific injuries that could be life threatening. Wear the right clothes for the best chances during a crash.

Cruising In A Blind Spot

Automobiles have blind spots. Granted, some of the newer models of cars have this covered in their mirror but the majority still don’t. If you are cruising about midway down the side of a car chances are they can’t see you. Either drop back or overtake. Do not cruise in this area because it is dangerous. A quick glance in the mirror will tell the driver they are safe and they will pull out, leaving you exposed to the side of their car. It is one of the killers. Sure, it isn’t your fault, they should always check before merging. Yet they don’t. And it kills people everyday. You can mitigate the risk by not cruising in the blind spot. Zip through it to overtake, or hang back.

Are You Endangering Your Life By Doing These On A Motorcycle?




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